About Heathens

Heathens is a casual guild with a raiding aspect.

Our goal is to have fun and see content as a group of friendly and social players.

Just because we label ourselves as casual doesn't mean we don't like to get stuff done! It merely means we aren't going to sacrifice our real lives to be able to see content. We believe progression can be achieved while not making WoW a second job.

We hope to see you in game.

If you are interested in joining please feel free to to use the Apply to Guild or whisper anyone online in Heathens and they can get you in touch with the right person.

Guild News

Nighthold - 1st night 5/10

by SysterSynn, 2 days ago

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Heroic Emerald Nightmare Cleared 7/7

by SysterSynn, 58 days ago

If you want to see these in better or larger sizes please visit the gallery.

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Heroic: Il'gynoth Defeated

by SysterSynn, 65 days ago

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1st Heroics Kill

by SysterSynn, 79 days ago

Boss Name - Nythendra

Difficulty -Heroic

Status - Eliminated

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Xavius Eliminated

by SysterSynn, 92 days ago

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