About Heathens

Heathens is a progression guild with a casual aspect. We only raid six hours a week, so expect our raiders to be on top of their game, and know how to min max their raiding toon using the various tools available online.

Our goal is to clear at least heroic content before the next tier of content is released. We do have our sights set on mythic at some point, but that is not our primary focus at this time.

Just because we only raid six hours a weeks doesn't mean we don't like to get stuff done! It merely means we aren't going to sacrifice our real lives to be able to clear content. We believe progression can be achieved while not making WoW a second job.

We hope to see you in game.

If you are interested in joining please feel free to to use the Apply to Guild or whisper anyone online in Heathens and they can get you in touch with the right person.

Guild News

Recruitment Push!

by SysterSynn, 363 days ago

We have started a recruitment push to get dedicated raiders into the guild so that we can progress further into content at a steady pace. We would like to finish clearing heroic Nighthold and have the people to step into Mythic, much like we have done with our Normal / Heroic runs and push for Heroic / Mythic.

With this said we absolutely need dedicated folks who understand the need to attain almost faultless raid attendance and performance. Mythic is 20 people only (no flex)! We need all of our raiders to be in top form and competitive in order to move from heroic into Mythic. Only the best of the best will make the cut to move into Mythic raiding.

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